Selkie Jewellery loves working with nature and pieces we find on the beach. In the video above Tia uses cuttlefish bones which we’ve collected to cast our signature piece, the Selkie Wave. Cuttlefish casting is an ancient form of silversmithing working with natural materials, whilst requiring a lot of patience and skill.

When Tia finally reveals the finished silver jewellery, you can see beautiful natural waves and lines which form into our design. The delicate markings come from inside the cuttlefish bones themselves – each silver piece really is unique.

Sea glass is also one of our favourite materials! What we love about sea glass is the process of finding it, and so we can convert any piece of glass that you’ve discovered on your beach holidays into something you can treasure for a lifetime.

We are inspired by mythical creatures of the sea, we design all our Sterling silver jewellery around their magical kingdom and develop pieces which also give back to ocean charities. All our work is beautiful designed, handmade and finished by ourselves. We hope you enjoyed reading and watching the making process, and wish you a wonderful journey into the aquatic world!