Every year Selkie Jewellery will be creating unique designs supporting ocean conservation initiatives across the world!

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As jewellery makers and Selkie admirers we are passionate about our oceans, which is why we have created a collection dedicated to giving back to ocean charities who are doing their best to protect this magical environment. Our beautifully designed Green Turtle pendant is made from Sterling silver and hand made in our little shed by the sea, and we will donate £1 from every pendant sold to Marine Conservation Society, who work with turtle charities around the world and help stranded turtles in the UK. They are also strongly involved in beach clean campaigns further helping the gentle creatures.

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Our gorgeous Humpback whale pendant is hand made in Sterling silver, and we will be donating £1 from every sale made to Whale & Dolphin Conservation, who specialize in the protection of Cetaceans globally.

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Our beautiful Hammerhead Shark collection is made from Sterling silver and handmade in our little shed by the sea, and this little guy (We named him Rob!) will be donating £1 To Shark Trust.
As an apex predator, Sharks play a very important part in marine ecosystems. But over the years, human activities including finning and by-catch have depleted some species of shark so badly, they are now considered endangered, like the hammerhead, or near extinction. To combat this The Shark Trust have spent the last 20 years Safeguarding the future of sharks through positive change!

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The latest edition to our Selkie Cause ranges is the beautiful Seahorse! The delicate silhouette of this elusive creature has been captured in silver, and with this collection we will be donating to The Seahorse Trust. “Seahorses are a unique fish species that occupy the coastal areas of most of the world and it is these very areas that are most under threat, being vulnerable to human and natural interference they suffer badly and by working together we can make a difference to their future and the future of these fragile eco-systems.”

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